Scholarships for Montenegro

My name is Nebojša and I come from Montenegro. As that being said I’m Montenegrian university student, and I’m interested if i can apply for any of master degree scholarships? I was trying to find information about that, but as far as I can see there is only for Croatia or Kosovo from Balkan region.
I’m studying Management in Maritime and Logistics, with a really strong GPA (In my country it’s 9.4/10), and I’m enrolled in a lot of academic activities at our university such as students parliament, student representative of my own course as well as student representative of our faculty, ERASMUS+ program and a lot more stuff that i consider very good for my admission later. I’m right now starting my forth semester and next year I’ll be applying for master studies which I would like to take somewhere abroad.
So I’m interested if there are universities that take students from my country.

I’m very grateful for all the answers or recommendations!


p.s. I’m interested in taking part in studies such as management/marketing that have some sort of connection to IT/Social Media or something connected to medicine.

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